Balcony Rules/Info

The Board has defined a “reasonable holiday period” for the display of lights or decorations on balcony railings as:
following Thanksgiving through January each calendar year.
This is the ONLY time when string lights of ANY color are permitted.

How to lock your balcony door(s)…

  1. Be sure the door is tightly closed.
  2. and the thumb turn below the handle is in the vertical position.
  3. Then pull up on the handle until it clicks.
  4. Following that, turn the thumb turn to the horizontal position.
Retractable Screen Doors…
On 5/15/2014 the board approved, and by that approval, established a standard for the product and supplier/installer for retractable screen doors. This option would, of course, be an individual owner’s cost — approximately $500 installed.

  • Product: Phantom retractable screen doors (custom-sized unit) with a full magnetic closure. “Slivered Almond” is the frame color with black screen (both match the Pella windows at RR).
  • Approved Supplier/Installer:  A.M. Const. Inc. (Jim Benike, President)  Phone: 262-338-0645 [email protected] Please contact A.M. Const. Inc. directly if you are interested in having these screen doors installed in your unit. Understand that this is the ONLY product and ONLY approved supplier/installer that can be used. Click HERE for product description/demonstration.