Internet Access/Cable TV


Internet Service & Cable TV

  • Spectrum is the internet and cable TV provider for River Renaissance.
  • River Renaissance’s contract with Spectrum (as it was with TWC) includes “Expanded Basic Service” level CABLE TV at no charge. No special box is required to receive the included TV signals – just connect your TV to the coaxial cable.
  • Internet service is the responsibility of each resident.
  • When internet service is ordered from Spectrum, a service technician will be sent out — the same as if a resident were living in a single-family home. Residents must be present at time of install to let the technician into the building / their unit and be available for consultation about their particular setup needs.
  • Based on signal strength, the technician will recommend which coaxial connection (there are several in each unit) will be used to install a combination REQUIRED cable modem/wireless router.
  • Customer purchased/supplied equipment cannot be installed or serviced by Spectrum nor can Spectrum perform remote testing should you have problems.
  • Add-on cable TV offerings, and/or VoIP (phone) if ordered, will appear on a combined bill and should include a “zero” charge for the “Basic Standard” level cable TV residents already have.