Parking/Garage Storage


Once a year, the parking garage is power washed. This takes place over a 2-day period. 100 level parking spaces the first day and 200 level parking spaces the second day. On the day residents’ parking spaces are being cleaned, it is necessary to remove vehicles from 8am-5pm. Personal items stored in the parking garage should be removed as well. Neither the Association or the property management company are responsible for items left behind or damages incurred.

  • There is absolutely NO visitor parking in RR’s parking garage. All parking spots in the parking garage are privately owned. Just because a parking space is empty, does NOT mean it is available. NO ONE MAY USE OR HAVE THEIR GUESTS USE ANY PARKING SPOT, OTHER THAN THEIR OWN, WITHOUT THE PRIOR CONSENT OF THE OWNER OF THE SPACE.
  • Guest parking is available at either of the Third Ward’s 2 public parking structures
  • For City of Milwaukee parking Information. Click here.
  • Residents are expected to maintain stored items in a presentable fashion.
  • Per City of Milwaukee fire regulations, flammables may not be stored in the parking garage.
  • The Association does not accept blame for damage or theft to stored items.
  • Residents can use the hose and electrical outlet outside of the east elevator on P-1 to vacuum and wash their cars.
  • Loading zone in front of building:    6am to Noon: free; noon-9pm (15 minutes allowed for active loading); 9pm to 2am: free; 2am to 6am parking restrictions apply (no parking without night permit)
  • Reporting illegal parking:  Before a car can be towed it must be ticketed by the City of Milwaukee – Call City of Milwaukee Parking Enforcement 414-286-8350. As noted on signs posted at the elevators in the parking garage, the city will require proof the space is either owned by you or leased to you. The city will require the following documents at the time of ticketing:
  1. Unit owner or tenant’s picture ID (driver’s license)
  2. A document in your name indicating that you either own the space or lease it. The following documents will provide this information:
    For owners, a legal document indicating condo ownership in the building and owned parking space. It must have the number of the space in the document. (A copy of your deed or last property tax bill will work.)
    For renters, a copy of your lease, indicating the tenants name, condo unit number that is being rented and the parking space number assigned to the rental unit. The lease should be an executed copy between both parties for the current year.
    (If you don’t have a document directly indicating ownership of a unit or lease of a unit with a parking space number the City will NOT come to the condo and will NOT ticket the vehicle.)
  3. The city will, at the time you speak with them, ask for the following information:
    Your Name
    Space Number
    Vehicle License Plate
    Vehicle Make and description
    Address of property

If you opt to have the illegally parked vehicle towed, be sure to have the above information on hand including the ticket # issued by the city. Additionally, be aware that RR’s garage door opening is 8 feet 5 inches wide and overhead clearance is 7 feet 5 inches high. Explain this to the towing company so they do not send a truck that is too large. A “dually” tow truck, so named because it has 2 wheels on each side of the rear axle, is too wide to fit safely. 
For more information regarding private parking enforcement visit, click HERE.