Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Dectectors


Smoke and
Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Smoke Detectors
• Each condo is equipped with one or more hardwired smoke detectors. The 9-volt battery will periodically (1.5 – 2 years) require replacement. The smoke detector will sound an intermittent chirping when the battery needs replacement. Multiple detectors are connected together and will all sound an alarm when one is triggered. Unlike the smoke detectors in the hallways, they are not connected to the central system.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
• Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors were not a building code requirement when RR was built. That changed. They are now required in all residential units. The Association has CO detectors in the parking garage and in the common area hallways. Each owner is responsible for installing a CO detector(s) near the bedroom(s). CO detectors that plug into regular outlets are available at any hardware store.