Disposal of items too large to be safely bagged and put down the chutes is the responsibility of the resident to dispose of.
Nothing that goes down the chutes should threaten blockage and everything that goes down the chutes MUST BE BAGGED!

Trash and recycle chutes are available at the west end of each residential hallway. The chute for garbage is behind the door on the right. The chute for recyclables (plastics, aluminum & steel cans, empty aerosol cans, glass jars & bottles) is behind the door on the left.

• Styrofoam packaging and pizza boxes NEED TO BE BROKEN DOWN and bagged as these items will jam in the trash chutes.
• Cardboard cartons MUST BE FLATTENED and placed in the green dumpster at the west end of parking Upper level P1.

Residents are responsible for disposing of items too large to be safely bagged (i.e. to prevent chute blockage). Additionally, no flammables, paint, solvents, chemicals, pesticides, fluorescent bulbs, or construction materials may be put down the chutes. In no event are any items such as TV’s, bicycles, furniture, mattresses, etc. to be left in any common area of the building, including the parking garage. Regarding this, Building Management will be especially vigilant following moves in and out of the building.

There are 2 self-help centers available to Milwaukee residents for disposal of these items:
Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity ReStore (420 S.1st St.) accepts donations of everything from
used furniture and appliances to home decor, building materials and more.


 HOLIDAY note:
There is no disposal of Christmas trees allowed at curbside or anywhere in the underground parking garage.
The City of Milwaukee will NOT pick up trees left in front of a commercial building.
Natural tree disposal is the sole responsibility of residents. Refer to the above link to self-help centers.
Bag or wrap your tree and clean up needle/debris caused by transport in elevators, hallways, stairwells, & parking garage – a resident responsibility!